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Hello friends,

Welcome to TuyenNTA Blog!

I’m Tuyen. I work as a developer for lives.

As a developer I have experienced with:

  • Java, Selenium, Automation Test, Sikulix
  • A little knowledge with Recommendation System and Machine Learning.
  • C# and ASP.NET Core.
  • AngularJS, HTML, CSS, JS.
  • A little knowledge with DevOps.

As a young man, I’m active with sports like football, swimming or martial art. I love to play guitar and listen to music. I like touring.

That’s all about me!

If you are a developer please follow me to read my technical sharing.

If you are a head hunter, you want to find my profile ==> Checkout my Stack Overflow profile or checkout my github

If you want to hire me for a freelance job. Please email me:

Thank you.

Tuyen Nguyen.


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